The 13 edition of the bilingualism week takes place with focusing on bilingualism as a vector of peace and national unity. Nous y sommes tous interpellés pour un Cameroun uni dans sa diversité culturelle et linguistique.

« Bilinguisme, socle de l’unité nationale et du vivre ensemble »

29 janvier- 02 février 2018

« Bilingualism a bedrock of national unity and Peaceful co-existence »

January 29th-2nd February 2018


Voici l’exposé d’un Elève-enseignant pour la semaine du bilinguisme.

That is the speech of Student-teacher for the bilingualism week.


Presented by : AL HASSAN YOUSSOUFA, Mathematics Student-Teacher

The world of today is plurolastic, diverse and multi-dimensional and this is an obvious fact that nobody will dispute. At this point, it is increasingly recognised that bilingualism is an immaterial and intangible human heritage that links direct to peaceful coexistence. In fact, in what way can bilingualism be considered as a bedrock for a peaceful coexistence.

My intervention is focalised on the following points :

  • Definitions and explanations of words or group of words ‘Bilingualism’, ‘bedrock’ and ‘peaceful coexistence’

  • Contributions of bilingualism to the preservation of peaceful coexistence


  • Bilingualism can be defined as an ability to speak and write two langages. In Cameroon, official bilingualism is all about French and English

  • Bedrock : basis, fondation, conerstone

  • Peaceful coexistence can be explained as the cohabitation of different entities living without war, or a policy permitting people to live in peace, no matter their political parties and ideologies. It can also be characterised like brotherhood in between population.


Bilingualism can be considered as a bedrock for peaceful coexistence for many reasons that we can enumerate :

          • The maintening of national cohesion in general and particularly regional or local cohesions.

          • Helps to embrace the concept of living together without any war, dispute , any discrimination.

          • Facilitates and preserve national integration, national unity, peaceful living and dialogue.

          • As said above, it is a conerstone peaceful coexistence

          • It helps mutual respect between francophones and anglophones because we are thesame and living in thesame country as sons of thesame father

          • It preserves national integrity and sovereignty

          • It helps to promote equality and cooperation for mutual benefits