National Youth Day-2019

Our country is going through difficult situations and even very difficult now! It is to wonder if we must even celebrate! But as the saying goes, “Where there’s life, there’s hope” this inspiration from the Book of Ecclesiastes 9: 4, “For the one who remains with all the living there is hope: living dog is better than dead lion. “

A bit of history will let us know that the date of February 11 was chosen with reference to the referendum of February 11, 1961 which saw the southern part of the country (under British administration) decide in favour of joining independent Cameroon since 1960 ( essentially the Cameroonian territory that was under French administration), while the northern part (still under British administration) chose integration into Nigeria.

The theme of the 53rd edition of the National Youth Day, namely: “Youth, Great Opportunities and Participation in Building a Peaceful, Stable and Emerging Cameroon”, lends itself to debate. Thus, each of us, whatever our tendency or cap, must contribute to the building of a Cameroon of Justice, Peace and Social Integration for the present and future generations!

I am waiting for the best poems(it would be better to be bilingual) that will promote a Cameroon of Justice for a strong and lasting Peace in a real people Integration! The competition is opened to all youth Cameroonian girls and boys.

To your pens, ready, write!